Stéphane OBERER

Stéphane OBERER

Coach / Trainer

1989 – 1999

1994 – 1996
Arnaud BOETSCH (ATP 12)

1993 – 2000
Davis Cup Captain

1999 – 2001
​National Technical Director


I run my group taking inspiration from a history, a culture, and over 20 years’ experience at the very top level of world tennis. This reflects a particular relationship with time.

We commit ourselves each year to this project, which began 25 years ago, with the same long-term view and desire to look far ahead.

At the Oberer Tennis Camp, we dedicate our lives to our pupils, and help them to realize their potential both on and off the court. Our aim is not only to build champions, but also to help young people find total fulfilment. Naturally, technical and physical training has a very important place in the daily life of the camp. But in our view, the richness of human relationships is even more meaningful.

Our success is due first and foremost to the skills of our coaches.
Their professionalism has made the Oberer Tennis Camp the greatest course organized in Europe, and I am proud to say that we have established the standard in Swiss tennis for the last 27 years !

But the Oberer Team is above all a human project, where the people and participants are the true focus of our action, as witness our strong attachment to the children who have joined us over the years.

The Oberer Team is a highly original, innovative and ethical structure: a comprehensive development program dedicated to helping people, and ensuring that children achieve their potential in terms of performance.

We will be delighted to welcome you to the Oberer Tennis Camp in 2021 !

Camp’s highlights

Highlights of the Camp program:

  • A focus on the tennis fundamentals throughout the week
  • Training from Monday to Saturday twelve o’clock
  • 4 hrs daily tennis training + 4 hrs physical training, Team sports, stretching
  • Max. 4 students to teacher ratio
  • The players are grouped into appropriate ability levels
  • Competition on Friday
  • A personalized final report is handed to each camper at the end of the week
  • We use Eyes On technology for analysis and video recording which provides a tremendously effective support to our on-court coaching.
  • Opening ceremony Sunday 6pm, closing ceremony Saturday 12h30pm
  • Welcome pack